Fighting for Oregon


We are facing unprecedented challenges for Oregonians. During a time of inadequate federal action we must work together to help our neighbors and communities. It’s crucial at the state level that we protect our core values and democratic principles. We have faced obstructionism aimed at preventing the democratic process. I will remain at the forefront of these battles to safeguard voter access and protect the rights and needs of Oregonians.


I will continue to fight federal environmental rollbacks like I did in the 2019 legislative session by supporting the Oregon Environmental Protection Act, an offshore drilling ban, and the reduction of emissions and toxics. There is also a critical need to address climate change, including a price on carbon.


I understand the struggles working families endure. Its what has driven me to champion laws enacting paid sick leave, equal pay, raising the minimum wage, and enhancing worker benefits. I will continue to fight for tax reform that ensures the wealthy pay their fair share.

With your support I will continue to advocate for our communities, our children, and a healthy environment.


COVID 19 Response

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused untold harm on Oregonians and tremendous strain on our state budget. As Co-Chair of the Coronavirus Response Committee I have fought to strategically rebalance funds to protect services including education, economic development, healthcare, and housing services. And I will continue to support policies protecting the health of frontline workers and economic relief for individuals and small businesses.

   Click here for a more in-depth explanation of the work the legislature has done


But there is still much work left to stop the spread of COVID-19, aid our economic recovery, and enable schools to safely reopen. Following guidelines and adequate testing are essential to saving lives and our economy.


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