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Protecting the Environment and Fighting Climate Change

I believe that a healthy environment is one of our more important aspects of our lives and it is crucial that we protect it for future generations. Ensuring strong environmental protections for our communities has been at the forefront of my legislative career. And with the attacks from our current federal administration it is more important than ever we fight back.

Clean Energy Jobs / Cap and Invest


The devastating effects of climate change should not go unaddressed.  Although standards may have slipped at the federal level, Oregon continues to push forward as a leader in fighting climate change. A priority this session was House Bill 4001 in 2018, HB ,also known as the Clean Energy Jobs bill, of “Cap and Invest”.  It provides a market-based solution for integrating a price on carbon and green house gas reductions in a regional clean energy economy. After years of work on this proposal, Unfortunately  

Oregon Environmental Protections Act - 2019


One of the really important it allowed Oregon to cement in Obama era environmental protections if undermined by the current administration. 

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